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Kobe International
Conference Center
Kobe International
Exhibition Hall

A strong network connecting
the facilities has been established via dedicated
1Gbpsoptical lines.

※ The same rate applies for connecting two facilities or three.

Features of the Network

  • Feature01

    High-quality network

    Kobe International Exhibition Hall and Kobe Portopia Hotel are connected with Kobe International Conference Center at the center via dedicated 1Gbps optical lines. We will respond to your various requests, using the strong communications network of the three facilities.

  • Feature02

    Broad connection across the facilities

    You can use the same Wi-Fi settings (SSID/password) in the Conference Center and the Exhibition Hall. Moreover, it is possible to keep connected even in the corridors connecting the facilities.

  • Feature03

    Comfortable communications environment

    It is possible to offer a comfortable and stable communications environment, as multiple wireless access points with high processing capability, each capable of connecting 240 wireless devices, have been installed.

Dedicated Optical Lines

Two dedicated 1Gbps optical lines have been installed respectively in the Conference Center and Exhibition Hall, which has resulted in a stable communications environment. Moreover, a backup line has been established, using the dedicated line to NTT West’s Kobe Data Center.

Usage precautions

It is necessary to hold a pre-meeting to discuss the details of the usage, if you are going to use the network of Kobe International Conference Center and Exhibition Hall. Moreover, the organizer is required to pay the various setup, maintenance, and Internet connection charges.

Please view the Equipment and Fixtures page for the communications equipment-related charges, etc. Please contact below for details.

Contact for Inquiries

Kobe Convention Center (Kobe International Conference Center; Kobe International Exhibition Hall)
ddress: 2nd floor Kobe Kokusai Koryu Kaikan 6-9-1, Minatojima-nakamachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo, 650-0046, Japan

TEL: +81-78-302-5200

Fax: +81-78-302-6485


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