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Medical ConferenceNumber of participants: around 6,000

It is possible to set up more than 10 lecture meeting venues and a sufficiently large exhibition/poster venue by jointly using Kobe International Conference Center and Exhibition Hall.

  • Scene 1: Main venue (1,800 seats)

    A venue with a sense of spaciousness because of its ceiling height of 12 meters was set.

    Kobe International Exhibition Hall, No.2 Building 1F

  • Scene 2: Reception of participants

    Reception of participants was conducted using a space of 700㎡.
    No long line was formed in spite of the large number of visitors and there was no worry about congestion.

    Kobe International Exhibition Hall, No.2 Building 1F

  • Scene 3: Exhibition venue (3,800 ㎡)

    In the exhibition room on the first floor where cargo was carried in and out efficiently, booths of various sizes were set up.

    Kobe International Exhibition Hall, No.3 Building 1F


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