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Kobe is a global MICE city where people from various countries and regions of the world gather together. The city’s core facility, Kobe Convention Center, is one of the major convention centers in Japan, where Kobe International Conference Center, Kobe International Exhibition Hall, and Kobe Portopia Hotel jointly welcome 2.8 million visitors annually.

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    High accessibility

    Kobe Convention Center is highly accessible via air, land, and sea. It is only an 8-minute ride from Kobe Airport, which is the fastest access time among other similar facilities in Japan. When you take the Shinkansen, get off at JR Shin-Kobe Station, go to JR Sannomiya Station, and take the Port Liner to Shimin Hiroba Station, the nearest train station, which all takes only about 20 minutes. Thus, the Center is also easily accessible by train. Moreover, as there are sufficient parking lots in the surrounding area, it is easy to get to the Center by car. People can gather at Kobe Convention Center smoothly from all over Japan and the world.

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    Experienced staff
    – Successful events based on safe and secure management –

    Experienced staff who annually welcome more than 2.8 million guests for top international conferences, including the G7 summit and large-scale domestic medical conferences, provide total support from the support before, during, and after the event to the management of the secretariat.

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    Attractive facilities nearby for your eating, viewing, shopping, and entertainment pleasure

    Kobe Convention Center is located in the City of Kobe surrounded by beautiful nature with the port and Mt. Rokko. The city has abundant attractions, including great night views, sweet treats, gourmet foods, fashionable clothes and other items, and jazz and other music. The Sannomiya Motomachi area, about a 10-minute train ride from Kobe Convention Center, has a number of facilities where you can enjoy shopping, Chinatown, Kobe beef, etc. between the events and after the convention. Moreover, various types of hotels, from luxury to reasonably priced, operate in the international city of Kobe, the world’s first marine culture city. You can stay in Kobe and make a day trip to Japan’s major tourist destinations such as Kyoto, Osaka, and Himeji.

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    Excellent facilities/support services

    High-speed wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) service is available in every facility. You can access wired and wireless networks anywhere in buildings to build a flexible network environment. The equipment and support services necessary for holding events are made fully available, including a variety of catering services, production of various-style parties, simultaneous interpretation equipment, and presence of language service staff. Experienced staff will propose the optimum plan to satisfy the event’s scale, purpose, and every other need.

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    A group of facilities that can accommodate a wide variety of events

    Kobe Convention Center is made up of a group of facilities to respond to every need, including, among others, a convention hall with a maximum capacity of 4,000 people; small and medium-sized conference rooms for a small number of up to 200 people; and a multi-purpose main hall where a broad array of events from medical conventions to concerts and fashion shows can be held. The Center is completely equipped with accessory facilities such as VIP rooms and reception spaces. Kobe Convention Center is ready to serve as a stage for various events from prestigious international conferences to large-scale exhibitions, and, further to seminars with a small number of participants. The venue and the staff together are looking forward to welcoming you here at Kobe Convention Center.

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