A unique space with daylight illumination through the ceiling

The Hall No.1 Building has been a venue for more exhibitions than almost any other venue in Western Japan. The building has two floors, each with 3,000 m² of exhibition space. The 2nd Floor is an open space without pillars, has natural lighting from the ceiling. It can also be split into two sections for meeting and party set-ups.

Hall No.1 Building Specifications (2F)

Exhibition Space 3,000m²
Max. Floor Load 1ton/m²
Height to Ceiling 5m
Floor Surfacing Vinyl sheeting lengths
Lighting Fluorescent lamps 800 LX
Electricity Single-phase 400 KVA
Three-phase 500 KVA
32 floor pit outlet points plus 8 wall outlets
(Distribution Rooms in 2 locations, East and West)
Gas 13A (two units in South-west Storage D)
Water Supply 2 points (20mm, south side wall)
Drainage 2 points (40mm, south side wall)
Compressed Air Not available
Telephone Services 200 lines (line installation needed)
Air Conditioning Cooling / warming
Load-in/out Access 5m(W) x 3m(H) access
2.6m(W) x 3m(H) access
*For load-in up to the 2F exhibits floor there are 2 elevators with a 1m high loading bay ledge:
- 3 ton elevator (2.5m x 4.0m, 2.5mH, door 2mH)
- 2 ton elevator (2.2m x 2.3m, 2.5mH, door 2mH)
Secretariat Office 26m²,27m²
Meeting Rooms Multi-purpose (Meeting) Room1 (153m²)
(Kitchen Planet)
90 seats
Meeting Equipment Internet & LAN, Wireless LAN
ties / Specs
Basic For-
Seating Capacity Posters Notes
Party Thea-
School Holl-
tion Hall
3,000 Exhibi-
tion setup
150 stands
(3m x3m)
3,000 3,000 1,500 - 864 Ceiling height 5m

A 1,700 Exhibi-
tion setup
85 stands
(3m x3m)
1,700 1,700 800 - 504
B 1,300 Exhi-
bition setup
65 stands
(3m x3m)
1,300 1,300 600 - 360

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