Full Range of Support & Incentives

We at the Kobe Convention & Visitors Association (KCVA), a local government-affiliated organization in Japan, are dedicated to inviting more conventions, and attracting more tourists, to Kobe. We are here to welcome and support any kind of event. The KCVA also manages the Kobe Int’l Conference Center and Kobe Int’l Exhibition Hall. These facilities have played host to a great number of major international conferences, trade fairs and special events for more than 30 years.

Prior to Booking

Organizer selects Japan for his event
Kobe Selected as Host City

  • KCVA arranges invitation letter from the Mayor of Kobe.
  • Offers general advice, program support (incl. subsidies).
  • Prepare cost estimate.
  • Loan out promotional video / photographs of Kobe.
  • Mail out convention-related pamphlets.
  • Host site inspection by overseas organizers.

Preparations Pre-event

For Advising Organizers

  • Advise how to fulfill event specifications.
  • Provide information on holding conferences in Kobe.

For Putting a Team Together

  • Introduce venues, hotels, PCOs and agents, etc.

For Financial Support

  • Provide subsidies (for international conventions in Kobe).
  • Provide interest-free loans for preparations (ditto).
  • Apply for donation by Japan National Tourist Organization.
  • Apply for subsidy from Tsutomu Nakauchi Foundation.

For PR to Potential Participants

  • Promotion using website.
  • Loan out promotion video and slides about Kobe.
  • Provide pamphlets and commemorative gifts.
  • Arrange for Kobe City to be an official supporter, etc.
  • Arrange press conference to announce event, etc.

For Conference Preparations

  • Introduce key contacts and negotiate with agents / suppliers.
  • Provide miscellaneous support services.

For Exhibition / Trade Show Preparations

  • Provide industry information.
  • Support exhibit customs applications.
  • Introduce key contacts / negotiate with agents / suppliers.

During Event Dates

For the Welcome (depending on event)

  • Arrange for Mayor to attend openings, etc.
  • Supply Kobe wine (for hospitality events)
  • Place welcome banners
  • Supply gifts for VIPs

For Excursions

  • Organize visits to major projects in Kobe
  • Supercomputer K sightseeing

For Sessions Open to General Public

  • Advise about planning, joint-organizing, and support, etc.
  • Print public invitation in community magazine, “Koho Kobe”.

For Participant / Delegate Services

  • Organize local home visits.
  • Organize volunteer interpreters.
  • Set-up dedicated tourist information counters.
  • Supply delegates with Kobe sightseeing pamphlets.
  • Supply delegates with Kobe vicinity dining maps.

Kobe Convention Center